Geothermal for New Construction

Do you live in the Oswego area? Are you hoping to build a new home? Then you will find that a WaterFurnace geothermal products is your leading choice for heating and cooling your home. Our professional team at Nodines Heating Inc. will be glad to provide you with outstanding planning assistance, installation, and service.

Why is WaterFurnace so special? WaterFurnace geothermal systems are special because over the years, they have demonstrated to deliver on their word to provide homeowners with the most efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly heating and cooling solution in the industry today. As a result, they have stayed at the top of the marketplace year after year.

Something else to consider - The addition to your monthly payment is typically less than the monthly savings you’ll see by installing a geothermal system in new construction. Not to mention, this original layout cost can easily be put into your monthly mortgage payment. Thus, reducing your monthly expenses and generating you a positive cash flow. With that type of savings, your new geothermal system will help offset any increased mortgage payments you may incur over time. Now that's savings worth investing in!

Please contact Nodines Heating Inc. if you reside in the Oswego area and would like more information on why geothermal is the best choice for residents building new homes. And be sure to check out our Geothermal Savings Calculator.