Save Money Using Clean Renewable Energy

At Nodines Heating Inc. we’re proud to be one of the best providers of Water Furnace geothermal products in the Syracuse area. We pride ourselves on offering whole comfort system installations, equipment repairs, and routine maintenance. Our team of experts has the equipment, qualifications and expertise needed to meet all of your heating and cooling needs. Just think you can enjoy renewable energy in your very own backyard and save up to 70% on hot water, heating, and cooling for your home. We have the geothermal systems you want at prices you can afford.

Go Geothermal to Save Money

Whether you’re looking at a geothermal cooling system, or a geothermal heating system we have the brand you can trust, Water Furnace. They are an industry leader and the top in their field providing the perfect geothermal systems for home owners. We’re a Water Furnace dealer and installer with the professional training required to provide unwavering service based on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our services can bring you the savings you’ve always wanted when you need them the most. When you consider that you’ll also be doing your part to help save the planet, using clean energy becomes even more attractive. We carry a fine line of geothermal products ready to be installed for your home. You can depend on our quality products and work. Join our geothermal family and reap the rewards.

Our Geothermal Products Include the Following:

  • Forced Air Unit - 3 Series 300A11
  • Forced Air Unit - 5 Series 500A11
  • Premium Forced Air - 7 Series 700A11
  • Hydronic Units - 5 Series 504W11
  • High Temperature Hydronic Unit - 5 Series 502W12
  • Hydronic Units - Envision Series NDW
  • Hydronic Units - Envision Series NSW
  • Outdoor Split Units - 5 Series 500RO11
  • Indoor Split Units - 5 Series 500R11
  • Symphony Home Comfort Platform
  • Other Geothermal Accessories

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